“ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” Benefits, Risks, Job Opportunities & Freelancing


Artificial intelligence system means that to create some sort of systems that can work and thinks on their own and works independently and intelligently.

But now a day’s scientists are working for this field that artificial intelligence power system can not only think and learn like humans but more efficiently than humans.

In Pakistan, we do not have as much AI experts as it should be. that is why there will be great chances of getting jobs in it. few of the software houses are hiring AI experts too.


-> Data scientist

-> Machine learning Expert

-> Deep learning Expert

-> AI engineer

-> Python developer

You can do freelancing too.

Artificial Intelligence In Freelancing:

Google Cloud Auto ML

Image Recognition,

Deep Machine Learning


Full Stack Developer with Machine Learning skills

Machine Learning Engineer with ASR decoder

Apply AWS ML/AI tools to RSS/AI data

These are some highly paid jobs are available for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Experts on Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr.

So Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are very important in Freelancing.

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