Latest 100+ | Fiverr Gig Ideas That Make Money in 2019

Start Your Fiverr Business With 100+ Ideas.

1-Install WordPress & Secure It
2-Install WordPress Theme Just Like The Demo
3-WordPress Site Transfers
4-App Reviews Giving
5-Listing/Directory/Business Reviews Giving
6-Press Release Writing & Press Release Submission
7-Write Sales Copy
8-Comment on Blogs or Social Media
9-Indiegogo Campaign
10-Write Articles
11-Spin Articles
12-Edit Articles
13-Book Reviews Giving
14-Write “Terms And Conditions” or “Privacy Policy”
15-Write “About Us” Page
16-Write Resume or Cover Letter
17-Transcribe Audio/Video
18-Critique Resume
19-Translation Services
20-Article Submission
21-3D Book Mockup
22-T-Shirt Mockup
23-Product/Packaging Mockup
24-Website Mockup
25-App Mockup
26-CD and Album Cover Mockup
27-Logo Design
28-App Icon
29-FB Timeline Cover Photos
30-Ad Banners
32-Word Cloud Image
33-Photo Touchup or Red Eye Removal
34-Simpsons or South Park Character
35-Edit Photos & Graphics
36-Turn Photos into Digital Paintings
37-Turn Image into ASCII Art
38-Turn Image into Mosaic
39-Keyword Analysis
40- Social Bookmarking
41-Expired Domain Name Research
42-Niche or Industry Research
43-Backlinks Selling
44-Send Traffic to Website
45-Submit Businesses to Listings
46-Tweet Messages to Followers*
47-Social Signals
48-Twitter Followers*
49-Facebook Likes*
50-YouTube Views/Likes/Subs*

51-Vine Followers/Revines
52-Instagram Likes/Followers*
53-Pinterest Followers/Repins
54-Create Facebook Fanpage/Page For Business
55-Setup Social Media, Create YouTube Channel
56-Manage Social Media
57-Share Links to Twitter or Facebook Followers or All Social Media Sites *
58-Create and Sell Accounts
60-Use Pets for Videos or Pictures
61-Take Picture Holding Sign, Message, Logo
62-Logo Advertising on Body, Hand, Car or another Creative Way
63-Spell Out Name or Logo in Rice
64-Sing Happy Birthday
65-Help Brainstorm Company Names or Slogans
66-Give Advice
67-Research Amazon Keywords or Niches for Writers On Kindle
68-Do Market research
69-Teach Lessons in Another Language
70-Test Software
71-Remote Computer Repair
72-Remote Virus and Malware Removal
73-Post Ads to Craigslist or Kijiji
74-Submit Free eBooks to Websites
75-Video Testimonials or Video Reviews
76-Product Testimonials
77-5-Minute Video Critiques
78-Whiteboard Animations
79-Edit Video by Adding Music or Graphics
80-Convert Audio or Video Files to Another Format
81-Create Site Lists
82-Create Graphics Package
83-Plr Software
84-Proxies Lists
85-PLR Articles
86-PLR Books
87-Write Your Own Small Books
88-Ideas for Businesses or Specific Niches
89-Resume & Cover Letter Templates
90-Exercise Plans
91-Diet Plans
93-Powerpoint Templates
94-Repair Guides
95-Leads Generation
96-Business Strategy
97-Write Tutorials
98-Critique Websites
99-Facebook Wall Posts or Relationship Statuses
100-Send or Create Postcards
101-Create or Convert to PDF
102-Convert PDF to Word
103-Type 1000 Words
104-Design Logo in Paper
105-Cartoon Image

Important Note : (I have marked some Services With ‘ * ‘ sign . These services are Not Allowed Nowadays .So please Avoid them)

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.

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Don’t Just Dream, Do. Freelance Services For The Lean Entrepreneur. Millions of Gigs®. Professional sellers. +100,000 Sellers. Unbeatable value. 24H Delivery. Types: Logos, Illustrations, Voice-Overs, Video Testimonials.

SEO TIP: use the gig title keywords in tags and description.

Think about the keywords people use to search for your service.
Use your keyword, where relevant, in the title of your Gig.
Your keyword should appear 2-3 times in your Gig description. …
Make sure relevant keywords are in your Gig tags.
Video and image files you upload should be descriptive and contain your keyword.

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