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Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills 2019

Be Original It’s Better to write your own perspective instead of copying anyone else. Original is interesting. Read The Instructions Carefully Your questions will explain how you are supposed to attempt the question. Focus on the words used. Write-In Order Maintain proper flow of events for good creative writing. Write down all the events occurring […]

“ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” Benefits, Risks, Job Opportunities & Freelancing

1: “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” Artificial intelligence system means that to create some sort of systems that can work and thinks on their own and works independently and intelligently. But now a day’s scientists are working for this field that artificial intelligence power system can not only think and learn like humans but more efficiently than humans. […]

Latest Top 50+ Most Popular WordPress Plugins to use in 2019

50+ “Must Have” WordPress Plugins & Tools to learn for Business Sites (2019) Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS — WordPress Open source software which you can use to easily create a beautiful website, blog, or app. gutenberg tinymce nextgen Gallery ADD Swf Elementor plugin Clone Post remove Categories URL Categories for pages SVG Support […]

SEO functions working still the same old way despite so many changes in 2019

SEO still functions the same old way despite so many changes in bots over the years. > Select a Niche > Create a major website (blog/e-commerce) > Create minor 3-4 sites (preferably blog) > Link minor sites to major sites pages > Research the keyword, include it everywhere > On the page, SEO is more […]

Google’s PlaNet AI Learns Planning from Pixels -ProHeadlines

Google’s PlaNet AI Learns Planning from Pixels welcome everyone to ProHeadlines! Your one-stop solution for learning the most trending technologies in the world. Today we are going to talk about Google’s PlaNet AI Learns Planning from Pixels. PlaNET: PlaNET, a technique that is meant to solve challenging image-based planning tasks with sparse rewards. Ok, that […]

Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Cyber-security, Quantum Computing | Top Technologies To Learn In 2019

Top Technologies To Learn In 2019 | Trending Technologies in 2019 Welcome everyone to ProHeadlines! Your one-stop solution for learning the most trending technologies in the world. Today we will be talking about the top technologies that you should learn in 2019. Top 5 Technologies To Learn In 2019: Artificial Intelligence Immersive Experience 5G Network […]


Understand why consistent brand matters. Brand consistency is critical for every business, regardless of size, customer, or location. The power and professionalism of your social media presence, website, and design elements are essential in building a loyal customer base. Proper branding can have a huge impact on your goals: • Companies with strong, consistent branding […]

Important Guidelines to Candidates of NTS, PPSC, PTS 2019

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES NTS-National Testing Service: NTS, being Pakistan’s first, and self-sustained testing organization conducts tests and assessments for admissions, scholarships, recruitment and promotion purposes. It is governed by a Board of Directors of NTS. National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS) is an organization in Pakistan that administers academic performance evaluation tests. NTS offers […]

6 Most used file types and file extensions in Computer / Mobile Devices

There are dozens of different file formats, standards, and file extensions used in Computer and Mobile Devices. However, it would be impossible for most people to memorize all file extensions and their associated programs. Below is a list of the 6 most commonly used file extensions/Types. Compressed file extensions Document file extensions Image file formats […]

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